Tips for Prepping Items

Tips for Prepping Items

Presentation is everything!  Wipe the peanut butter fingerprints off the toy.  Dab some water on the wrinkled collar.  Fold the blanket before placing it in the Ziploc.  Be careful not to damage items with pins or tape!

Most of this prep work can be done in advance of registration (everything but tagging), so see what you can get done in front of the TV or chatting with Mom on the phone.


At the end of the sale, unsold items will be in one of two categories: lowest quality or highest prices.  Your profits will still add up with reasonable prices!  Shoppers are looking for deals!  What would you be excited to pay for an item?  60-75% off?  Exactly.  However, you can price large gear and hard-to-find items closer to 50% off if they are in LIKE NEW condition.  Remember that you have the option to reduce the item to half price for the last few hours of the sale.  This is recommended.  The minimum starting price for an item is $2.00.


  • Hangers, wire is easiest
  • Safety pins, average sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Ziploc bags, qt. & gallon
  • card stock, 60-67 weight (8 items per page)
  • Printer & black ink
  • rubber bands

Advanced Materials

  • Ziploc bags, sandwich size
  • Ziploc bags, extra-large size
  • Cling wrap, such as Saran wrap
  • Zip ties & hole-puncher
  • Ribbon


  • Use card stock! If your tag gets ripped off, your item can’t be bought. If the bar code is crumpled, the scanner can’t read it.
  • Check your printing before the last minute.  Bar codes need to be crisp and clear.
  • Sort clothes by gender, size, and brand to make the most efficient use of the tagging system, which remembers your last entry.
  • Sort by style too, to use the power-tagger function (e.g. three separate GAP polo shirt tags with one click).
  • Use safety pins to attach tag over the “heart” of the outfit. Or to preserve fabrics, pin under the collar, under the pocket fold, or through the brand tag (as pictured).
  • You are welcome to use a tagging gun but please take care and insert the needle in a seam or in the garment’s original tag.
  • Use packing tape to attach the tag to the outside of Ziploc bag.
  • Don’t tape over the bar code!
  • Packing tape looks best for most non-clothes items, but it’s not worth damaging
    the item—use masking or painter’s tape as necessary.
  • Masking tape can also be used to put your seller number on an interior portion of
    any item at risk of losing its tag.
  • A hole-punch can be used to thread a zip tie for items not suited for safety pins or tape.
  • All tagging is done online where you registered, so log in to enter items. To view, edit,
    or print previously entered items in My Consignment Manager, click Manage Inventory.


  • Boutique clothing will be displayed separately. Choose Boy/Girl Boutique category when making those tags.
  • Size via the smaller size in a range. On the rack 3-6 mo clothing will hang in the 3 month section.
  • Button all buttons.  Zip all zippers.  Tie all bows.
  • Straighten out folded hems and collars with dabs of water (if fabric won’t spot), or use a wrinkle-release spray.
  • Safety pin all pants, shorts, skirts to the TOP OF THE HANGER so they won’t slide to the end. Hard to see = hard to sell.
  • For two/three-piece outfits, put the shirt on the hanger and pin the bottoms behind it through the top of the hanger. For tops with wider necks, you can pin the bottoms to the hanger without piercing the fabric of the top. (See picture.)
  • Hangers should face left, like a question mark (?).
  • Please used appropriately sized hangers for your clothing. Adult-sized hangers are preferred for size 7 and up.
  • After tagging, bundle hangers with rubber bands according to gender and size. Bundle boutique clothing separately.


  • Kids’ shoes should be placed in an appropriately-sized Ziploc bag. This protects the shoes from damage and prevents lost tags.  Small shoes will fit in quart-sized bags.  LOTS of shoppers will sift through bins of shoes, so shoes that are not in bags are at high risk for separation, damage, and/or lost tag.
  • Women’s and teens shoes will be arranged neatly on the table top. LIKE NEW only. Original boxes welcome.  Deliver in pairs, with care, so as not to damage.  Use masking tape to attach the tag to the bottom of the right shoe, or use zip ties for athletic shoes.

Women’s Handbags

  • These sell well when they are LIKE NEW with great prices.
  • Large safety pins should allow you to tag though the metal loops.


  • These will be in plastic bins for shoppers to sift through, so make your items look appealing!
  • Use appropriately-sized Ziplocs for any hats, hair pieces, socks, leggings, mittens, scarves, etc.  If you’re tempted to skip this step, ask whether you’d rather buy the hat in the nice, clean bag, or the one with the Velcro from another item stuck to it and the tag almost ripped off?
  • After positioning the item in an appealing way, squeeze sufficient air out of the bag to hold the item in place.
  • For security, put packing tape over the opening after sealing.
  • Remember to use packing tape to attach the tag to the outside of the bag.  And don’t tape over the bar code!

Baby Supplies

  • Thoroughly clean everything. Package in original packaging or appropriately-sized Ziploc bags (they make extra-large ones).
  • Include any manuals that you have in Ziploc.


  • Battery operated toys must include batteries and work properly.
  • Most toys do not need to be put in bags, just be sure to secure any small or loose pieces.
  • Remember not to damage the toys with packing tape.  Most plastic toys can handle packing tape on the bottom, but don’t put tape over decorative stickers.
  • Board Games can be wrapped in cling wrap to prevent opening.  Then tag can be taped to the wrap.
  • Stuffed animals will not be accepted with the exception of battery operated toys (like Tickle Me Elmo)


  • Similar books can be grouped together to make an appealing deal.
  • Bind board books with ribbon, rubber bands, or Ziploc bags.
  • Don’t damage the books with packing tape!  Use masking tape.

Large Gear & Riding Toys

  • Clean, clean, clean!
  • Most covers/seats are washable—but can NOT be put in the dryer.
  • Car seats must be less than 5 years old (date printed on bottom) and never been in an accident.
  • Remember to check for recalls.


  • You will be responsible for assembling your own furniture,
    e.g. a crib.
  • Remember to check for recalls.

Home Décor

  • Wall art, mirrors, seasonally appropriate décor, couch pillows,
    throws, rugs, etc.
  • No kitchen items.

For any additional questions, contact us!