Unaccepted items

Unaccepted Items

Items will be screened at drop off to ensure that they are in season, in style, clean/fresh, and free from rips, stains, pilling, or any other damage.  Recalled items will not be accepted.  Non-clothing items should have all parts/pieces and work properly.  Batteries must be included so shoppers can see that the item works.

Accepted Year Round

  • jeans
  • khakis
  • athletic pants
  • skirts (in winter, these sell better with coordinating leggings)
  • cardigans/shrugs
  • polos
  • lightweight sweat suits
  • pullovers

Never Accepted

  • car seats more than 5 years old (date printed on bottom) or that have been in an accident
  • cribs (full or non-full size) manufactured before June 28, 2011
  • bunk beds made before June 19, 2000 or otherwise not meeting current safety standards
  • baby/toddler furniture or seating that doesn’t meet current safety standards, such as older model Bumbo seats without the free recall kit
  • bath seats manufactured before December 6, 2010
  • walkers manufactured before December 21, 2010 (unless they have rubber-like gripping strips underneath OR are at least 36 inches wide)
  • toy chests without a working spring-loaded lid support AND ventilation holes
  • books printed prior to 1985 (vintage books not intended to be handled by children are okay; they will be displayed in the décor area of the sale, separate from other books)
  • Magnetix or other recalled toys with small magnets that could be swallowed.
  • soft, flexible plastic toys and other plastic articles (such as bath toys, squeeze toys, dolls, pool toys, bibs, placemats, pacifiers and teethers) manufactured before August 12, 2011
  • painted wooden toys (or other items with paint or a similar coating containing lead) that were manufactured [painted with paint made] before August 14, 2011 (or having more than 90 ppm (0.009%) lead content)
  • children’s metal jewelry, children’s clothing with rhinestones, or other children’s products containing lead which were manufactured before August 14, 2011 (or having more than 100 ppm lead content)
  • clothing size 2T-12 with neck drawstrings
  • clothing with waist drawstrings that extend more than 3 inches, have attachments at the end of the strings, or can be freely pulled from their channel
  • anything over PG-13 rating
  • outdated technology: Cassettes, VHS tapes, etc.
  • single-user breast pumps, such as the Medela Pump-in-Style
  • fast food/discount store toys
  • recalled items (Check CPSC website, Google your items, or look here.)

Not Accepted in Spring

  • winter coats
  • winter hats/accessories
  • long-sleeve shirts (unless particularly “spring-y”)
  • thick long pants
  • winter dresses
  • fall/winter decor

Not Accepted in Fall

  • swim suits
  • short-sleeve shirts
  • shorts
  • summer dresses
  • sandals/swim shoes
  • spring/summer decor