Shop, Sell & Save with us!

Mark your calendar to clean out and cash in! This semi-annual sale is your opportunity to turn those overflowing closets into funds for the next size up—and maybe something for Mommy! We consign LIKE NEW children’s clothing, accessories, gear, toys, books, games, bedding, furniture, and décor, as well as women’s shoes, handbags, and home décor. Join the mailing list below to stay in the loop for this awesome event. And you don’t have to consign to SHOP!

Sellers, you can price your own items (see How Tos above), and keep at least 60% of your sales.  For a single volunteer shift (only two or three hours of fun!), you can keep 70%. And for referring other sellers you can add on another 5% per referral. (Common sense restrictions apply.)

  • $10

    early bird registration fee

  • 60-75%

    keep the majority of your sales

  • 4000+

    square feet of shopping deals

  • 1 day only

    shop til you drop

  • 1 week

    get paid soon after the sale ends

Sell your stuff!  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Register.  Create your account to make and print price tags for your items before the event.   During the event, you will be able to see a report each evening of your sales for that day.  Early-bird Registration is $10. ($15 regularly.) Join our mailing list to catch registration announcement.  No refunds for cancellations.
  2. Prepare items.  First, select your highest-quality, seasonally-appropriate articles.  Hang clothing and secure with safety pins as necessary (pants/skirts).  Package accessories, small toys, books, bedding, etc. in the original packaging or in appropriately-sized Ziploc bags.  Then log in and create price tags with the user-friendly tagging system.  (Remember to check that none of your items have been recalled, and see here for a list of unaccepted items.)  Finally, print your tags and secure them with a tagging gun, safety pins or tape as appropriate.  It’s not hard, but better not wait until the last minute.  If you’re among the busiest of us, check out our tagging service options.
  3. Drop them off!  Beginning three weeks before the event, you'll be able to log in and sign up for a check-in time at the Agricultural Center for Friday afternoon/evening.  This appointment is for your convenience to get you in and out.  We will double check for both seasonal appropriateness and quality—no really, we will—so don’t waste time tagging unqualified items.  The only thing left to do is wait for your $$$ to be sent to your Paypal account (about a week after the sale ends).  We’ll be happy to donate your unsold items for you, or you can come back to gather them up Saturday from 6:00-6:45pm.  Don't forget about your early shopping privileges: Consignors may shop on Friday evening at 7:15pm or with a friend on Saturday morning at 9:00am. Volunteers shop before everyone on Friday evening at 6:30pm!

Shop and save big time!

What to expect: You can borrow our large sturdy bags for your goodies,  and there’s plenty of space to move about the clean and organized aisles.  Join us from 10am-2pm and again from 3pm-5pm when many of our items marked "Discount: YES" will be 50% off.  We accept Visa, MC and Discover (credit or debit) & Cash. Childeren and Strollers are welcome.

Saturday, February 24th: 10am-2pm & HALF-PRICE 3-5pm.

Expert shopper tips: Bring your children’s sizes with you (shoe sizes too) and make a note of which brands fit them best. Make a list of the necessities for the coming season, and keep in mind that you may want to purchase the next two sizes up. For example, they may be in one size at the beginning of cool weather and another size by the end of the winter (before short-sleeve weather arrives).

Volunteer and earn more!

Practical and fun—the best combination. Instead of the base earnings of 60%, you can volunteer and earn 70-75% of your sales. For just one shift you can jump from 60 to 70%.  A second shift can earn you another 5%  You can organize items before the sale, supervise the sales floor, remove larger items from the floor once a shopper has selected it, or help at a checkout station.  Signups open three weeks before the event.  Shifts are in two or three hour  slots, so you're welcome to sign up for more than one--if there are any left--they go fast!

One 3-hr shift: 70% of your sales.   Two: Earn 70% and get your $15 registration fee refunded as a credit to use at the sale.   Three: 75% of your sales (and that registration refund credit).

Substitutions. How about signing Hubby up for set up or take down? Or if Grandma needs a break from watching the kids, she can keep watch over the clothing racks in your place. Anyone (over 18) can be a part of this community savings event! Click here for a sample schedule.

What Others are Saying

  • You can count on a clean and well-organized event at Sun Valley Children’s Sale–with surprising quality and value.
    Jennifer, owner

  • Shopping consignment is what sensible parents do nowadays. Quality clothes and equipment for 50-90% off!
    Sun Valley mom

    Sun Valley
  • Recycling perfectly good clothing and toys for money back is a sustainable way to provide for my family and consume less.
    Charlotte mom

    Charlotte mom
  • It’s fun to be a part of the money-saving community!
    Sun Valley volunteer

    Sun Valley volunteer

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